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Support Charities Organization During This Coronavirus Crisis

Posted by Wayde Powell on

Support Charities Organization During This Coronavirus Crisis

 Yes...these are strange days. There's no other way to put it. Like many of you, we teeter between nervousness, calm, and concern. With families, school closings, at-risk community members and growing uncertainty about how long we will be enduring these changes, it's easy to feel a bit lost.

As a small business owner, it’s hard to keep my business up running. Not knowing what to share, when to share it and to ensure I'm connecting with our customers authentically.

But yet...I'm trying to help out instead of complaining. I put all my trust in God and I'm holding onto him until I get though. 

(No evil befall you, nor will any plague come near your tent) (Psalm 91:10).

EnoughSaid is supporting four nonprofits organizations that are assisting in helping with the COVID-19 crisis.

We are working with DailyKarma to help support these nonprofits organizations that are on the ground, helping impacted communities.

DailyKarma is a tech startup that builds innovative tools for philanthropy. Since 2015, their team of technologists, nonprofit leaders, and entrepreneurs have been creating tools that make giving easy. This organization is led by two women in Los Angeles. To find out more about them and the other charities click links below.


Score Foundation - Small businesses are a vital part of the U.S. economy. With the recent news and concerns of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), SCORE is sharing the latest business guidance, assistance and resources.

 Click link:  https://www.dailykarma.com/discover/380/charity/3696

No Kid Hungry - As we all take precaution to protect ourselves and others from the spread of COVID-19, we can’t forget hungry kids. Nearly 22 million low-income kids from communities across the country rely on the free and reduced-price meals they receive at school. For many, these meals may be the only nutritious food that they’ll receive on a given day.

Click link: https://www.dailykarma.com/discover/380/charity/3404

Americares - is providing personal protective equipment and training health workers on the frontlines of the outbreak. Personal protective equipment and other infection prevention and control supplies along with other preventive measures are critical to decreasing the spread of COVID-19.
Click link: https://www.dailykarma.com/discover/380/charity/1223

We all can chip in and help out. If you can, please DONATE and help support these organizations during this time. My favor ones are...Score Foundation, No Kids Hungry.

With No Kids Hungry we are helping keeping the kids nourish during the crisis and with Score Foundation is supporting small business like myself to keep afloat.

Remember to wash your hands, wear a face mask and keep your social distance Stay safe and remember, we’re all in this together.

We will get through this and will come out the other side stronger.

Thank you and God Bless




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